I began my career as those things that are worth telling begin: by chance, having sketched out no specific course. In an unexpected twist of fate I began working in the Human Resources department at Hewlett Packard, which at that time was at the head of human capital management and technological innovation. HP was my first home and my first school. It was followed by Banco Santander, when this was becoming one of the world’s leading financial institutions. There I was part of the team that executed its international expansion strategies (Latin America, the US, Europe and Asia), as well as its plan to complete mergers and acquisitions of banks. Finally, my path led me to the Inditex Group (Zara and so forth, as you know), where I contributed to the clothing giant’s IPO, to the opening of thousands of new stores in dozens of countries and to the launching of new brands and formats (Oysho, Uterqüe, etc.). These were three marvellous stages, boasting impressive numbers: 200,000 recruitments, over 20,000 employees promoted and the transformation of these companies into global leaders. Dizzying numbers for dizzying years. New York, Switzerland, Mexico, La Coruña, Madrid...

Those marvellous and mad years went by and left their trace. Then came reflection,

a time to assimilate all that had been discovered. It was then that I had the idea of starting to share all the good things learnt and the experiences of my life as an executive, reflecting on the factors that made these companies extraordinary and designing models to help professionals achieve their dreams. As a speaker, I have worked for major clients in South America, North America, Europe and Asia, which has led me to become one of the most international speakers in Spain. As a result of this experience, I have proposed a message which is being followed by many companies all around the world: La empresa sensual (Ediciones Empresa Activa, 2008). A new model which re-interprets the business world and which is based on the premise of thinking with one’s mind but also with one’s heart. Fresh ideas which reconsider traditional motivations and roles. Regaining the excitement of that first job, feeling part of a project rather than a workforce and seducing customers so that they feel an emotional bond with the company. A coup d’état against established ideas. A realistic message that is based on experience, but which stimulates those who are beginning their dream and those who have lost sight of it; a single impulse that in these times of crisis and change shows us that “the good stuff” has got caught up in traffic but is on its way. For sure.


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In 2007, I embarked upon my career as a speaker. Since then, I have become one of the most international speakers in Spain. I give around 50 speeches a year on management models, success stories, leadership and business management. I have had the privilege of speaking in the Americas (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, US, Venezuela), in Asia (China, the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore) and in Europe (Croatia, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, UK).

We offer below some of the topics and main arguments given in my speeches.


  • · A new generation of clients and professionals.
  • · Focus on fun.
  • · Communication tools and emotional intelligence strategies.
  • · Results in productivity.


  • · The death of authority.
  • · The value of women in society.
  • · A new power: The importance of company image.
  • · How to maintain passion and interest.


  • · Dispelling myths: its business model.
  • · From idea to execution.
  • · How to turn a customer into a partner.
  • · The power of a customer-driven culture.


  • · The new expanding of knowledge.
  • · What is the millennial generation looking for?.
  • · The factors behind success.
  • · Hyperconnectivity and social networks.


  • · My boss is a robot.
  • · Enhancing Talent through Technology.
  • · Natural Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence: Round 1.
  • · Collaborative Intelligence.


  • · Myths that died, facts that arrived.
  • · Race, gender, generations, sexual tendencies.
  • · The perfect combination.
  • · Integration plans.


Check out the books, my analysis and the reflections I have published in recent years about business and managing human resources.

la empresa sensual (THE SENSUAL COMPANY)

What is it about Zara that makes millions of people hit the streets each day wearing its clothes? What does Google offer to lead tens of thousands of people to apply to a recruitment process? Why are some companies desirable for investors, customers or employees while others leave them cold? Is it necessary to be good-looking and powerful to be found attractive? We are talking about a new power, that of those companies that make their attractiveness count, that have known how to be interesting and make it apparent through actions which, while very different, have one factor in common: their application of seduction, as a business strategy. Their success backs them up. La empresa sensual is the opportunity to find out what makes a company desirable and able to make people as varied as employees, customers or investment groups fall in love with it...

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